Himmler referred to Hitler’s contact from the future in The Assassination of Hitler series.

The Assassination of Hitler

The time machine that Fegelein used to go back in time to save Hitler was created using technology provided by Hitler’s contact from the future.

The War of the Hitlers

Downfall Hitler contacts X and asks X for more future technology to help him defeat the other Hitlers. X replies that he has already given Hitler so much technology which causes Hitler to rant at him, with Hitler still complaining about a lack of future technology. X then warns Hitler of an even greater threat he has to face if he wins the war; the Na'kuhl race, led by Vosk.

After Wenck established the United Reich army and Goring's defection, X warns Downfall Hitler that the Na'kuhl have built a temporal conduit which they intend to use to control history and erase both him and X (and possibly all of humanity) from time itself.

The Enemy Within


  • He is voiced by Hitler Rants Parodies himself.