The Wrath of Hitler Cannon/WoH was a weapon that was used in HRP's video Brotherhood of Fegelein lll. It was revealed to have been in construction for the past 3 years and it was part of the secret project known as the Hitler Cannon Project and was completed this year. The cannon was used to kill Jodl and destroy the Jodl Rebellion's base and shortly afterwards was used to kill Fegelein and destroy the Temple of Fegelein. The weapon proved succesful in destroying Jodl and the Jodl Rebellion's base and in destroying the Temple of Fegelein. It is still unknown whether Fegelein survived the blast but given previous encounters with far more powerful weapons, it is possible he may have survived.  The company/creator of it is unknown but it may have been made by Reich Tech. The Wrath of Hitler may also be a replacement for the sabotaged Pencil of Doom and Mass Destruction.


The WoH is an artifical satellite equipped with a laser that can destroy anything on Earth from space at Hitler's command. The laser is mounted on a ball with 360 degrees of motion allowing precise, accurate strikes. The blast from it is able to destroy entire bases and eliminate entire armies such as how it eliminated Jodl, much of the Jodl Rebellion, and their base. It is still unknown whether the satellite has the power necessary to destroy Fegelein. It is currently in orbit and fully operational.


With this weapon, the United Reich now is more powerful than ever making them a world power. The devastation of the Wrath of Hitler's destruction forced the Jodl Rebellion to surrender to the United Reich, letting Hitler focus on more important issues. The Brotherhood of Fegelein still refused to believe that Fegelein was killed by the blast and vowed to continue their antic warfare against the United Reich.


In The Enemy Within series, it was destroyed using a nuclear missile launched by the titular "enemy within" to allow the Moon Nazis to invade the Earth.


  • The GDI Ion Cannon from the Command & Conquer series is used to portray the cannon in all of its appearances.