Wolfgang Kortzfleisch is the Führer of the Space Nazis on the Moon. He is so far seen in the Assassination of Hitler and The Enemy Within, when Günsche talks to him on the phone. Sometimes, he uses Yuri's voice from Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.

Role in Iron SkyEdit

Wolfgang is the current Furher of the 4th Reich on the Dark Side of the Moon. After the so called "Leader of the Shock Troops" was captured, he sends Adler (Gotz Otto) to Earth. He was then killed by Adler 3 months later and Adler becomes Führer.

Role in Hitler Rants ParodiesEdit

Wolfgang contacts Günsche to assassinate Hitler so nothing would try to stop him. When Günsche succeeds, he congratulates him and Günsche was never seen again. As the Reich is plunged in chaos, his Space Nazis invaded the Earth.

In an alternate timeline, when Fegelein goes to Reich Tech and uses a Time Machine to save Hitler, Günsche was preparing to kill him, but Fegelein stopped him and he walks out of Hitler's office. He contacts Kortzfleisch saying he failed, but Wolfgang says "he may still get the chance". And he did in 2018, as he begins to sabotage the United Reich's defenses and superweapons, severly weakening the country and kickstarting the Final Conflict.