War and Remembrance Hitler
War and Remembrance Hitler
Vital Statistics
Title Führer
Gender Male
Foes Downfall Hitler
Portrayed by Steven Berkoff

War and Rememberance Hitler is a Hitler who has earned the title of being the craziest of all the Hitler's, and being the only Zionist Hitler. He became Downfall Hitler's first arch-nemesis during the War of the Hitlers. He later killed himself as his Reich crumbles around him.


  • RESIGN! YOU ARE DISMISSED! Herr Von Brauchitsch from your post, from my armed forces, from further services to the Fatherland that you dare to betray with this, TREASONIST FILTH!!!!!!
  • Nonsense! What. Is. This. NONSENSE?!?!
  • You stupid incompetent IDIOTS!!!
  • The war is lost!! Lost!! Lost!! Lost!!
  • Treachery... Lies, corruption eeeeverybodyyyy iiiis against me!
  • My patience is not LIMITLESS!!
  • If I do not hear from Steiner in fifteen minutes, somebody will be shot!