The Unterganger Lifetime Achievement Award is an Unterganging event organized by Hitler Rants Parodies to recognize contributions over the whole of a Unterganging career, rather than or in addition to single contributions. This is the highest and most prestigious award that an Unterganger can win. This contest is held every four months.


To qualify to be entered into this award you must have achieved the following:


Anyone can nominate a Unterganger that meets the criteria for the award. You can submit two nominations, but you can’t nominate yourself. The nomination period lasts one month.


Voting is done the same manner as the Unterganger Hall of Fame. If the same nominee win both the first round and second round of voting he is Unterganger Lifetime Achievement Award. If different nominees win the first and second votes a third vote will be held between the two winners and the winner of the third vote will win the Unterganger Lifetime Achievement Award.

Currently no restriction is put on who is eligible to vote.

List of recipientsEdit

# Month/Year Unterganger
1 May, 2014 Hitler Rants Parodies
2 September, 2014 TheSilverUniverse
3 January, 2015 KakashiBallZ
4 May, 2015 FegeleintheLostTapes
5 September, 2015 Vzorkic
6 January, 2016 WonkyTonkBotty
7 May, 2016 RBC56
7 January, 2017 Staedty86

Note: Month indicates the first of the four month period of each run.

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