Otto Günsche
Vital Statistics
Title Sturmbannführer
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Faction Reich
Space Nazis
Hobby Informing Hitler
Allies Wolfgang Kortzfleisch
Foes Adolf Hitler and the rest of the parody crew.
Status Alive
Location Führerbunker
Portrayed by Götz Otto

Otto Günsche is the deuteragonist of the Hitler Rants Parodies. He is a Space Nazi spy posing as Hitler's personal informer, using the facade of feeling the compulsive need to inform him of random, annoying facts and bad news. On rare occasions, he may say something useful or positive, but he still manages to upset Hitler. He was once fired for failing to find Fegelein but was later rehired after Grawitz failed to inform Hitler. He is nicknamed the Stupid Giant because of his uselessness.

He is believed to be is working with Fegelein in an attempt to piss off Hitler as he keeps on informing him of useless and obvious news and that he never brings Fegelein to him.

In 2018, years after the end of the War of the Hitlers and the defeat of the Brotherhood of Fegelein, he sabotages the United Reich‘s defenses, severely weakening it and effectively kick starting The Final Conflict.

In a possible ending for Hitler Rants Parodies, he becomes the new leader of the Third Reich.


  • He is the tallest person in the Reich.
  • He is the only person who has two factions. The other being Jodl.