Here is the list of the many Hitlers that appear in Hitler Rants Parodies' series.

Bruno Ganz/Adolf Hitler/Downfall HitlerEdit


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Adolf Hitler (a.k.a. Downfall Hitler) is the main Hitler and character in the parodies, he is from the movie Downfall. He is also the most famous Hitler, even more famous than real life Hitler himself. Played by Bruno Ganz.

Bunker HitlerEdit


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Bunker Hitler is from the 1980's TV movie The Bunker. He seems quite different from the other Hitlers as he refuses to admit that the War is lost. He speaks in English.

Dear Friend HitlerEdit


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Dear Friend Hitler (a.k.a Indian Hitler) is from the Bollywood movie of the same name. He is known as the angriest of the Hitler's. He speaks in Hindi.

Family Guy HitlerEdit

Hitler phones Family Guy Hitler

Family Guy Hitler is from the TV show Family Guy, he is the only cartoon Hitler. He insulted and argued with Hitler during a speech and told him to surrender.

While he is the only cartoon Hitler, Hitler has mentioned he was parodied in Loony Toons.

Inglorious HitlerEdit


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Inglorious Hitler is from the movie Inglorious Bastards. He has a big rivalry with Adolf Hitler and they've both planned an attacks on each other. Unlike most of the other Hitlers, he is the only one who hasn't killed himself, but instead assassinated in a theatre by Adolf Hitler and Fegelein.

Monty Python HitlerEdit

Hitler phones Monty Python Hitler

Monty Python Hitler is from the British comedy Monty Python, Hitler called him to ask if he didn't hate him, but all he got from him was a speech rant. He claims that he is not a racialist.

War and Remembrance HitlerEdit

War and Remembrance Hitler

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War and Remembrance Hitler is from the movie War and Remembrance. He is known as the craziest of the Hitler's. He speaks in English.

Adolf Hitler/Real HitlerEdit

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"Fake" Hitler appeared in Hitler phones fake Hitler and claimed that Adolf Hitler was fake because the real Hitler died in 1945. Also known as the Real Hitler or Fake Hitler.

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