Joseph Goebbels
Skeletor's stare of doom.
Vital Statistics
Title Doctor and Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda
Gender Male
Faction Reich
Hobby Staring
Allies Hitler, Magda
Foes Fegelein, Whoever Hitler dislikes, Generals less loyal to Hitler
3x Lisa Marie Simpsons a.k.a. Starlight Rockers
Portrayed by Ulrich Matthes

Joseph Goebbels (a.k.a Skeletor by everyone in the Bunker/Dr. Niemals! played by his foes, Starlight Rockers/3x Lisa Marie Simpsons) is one of Adolf Hitler's Highest Ranking Officers and also one of Hitler's closest followers. He is the most loyal general of Hitler and is always by his side no matter what. He can randomly rant like Hitler whenever he wants to. He married Magda Goebbels and has three children. In Hitler Rants Parodies: The End? it shows that he shot his own wife and committed suicide after the war was lost. He has his own deadly weapon, the Stare of Doom(Sadly enough, he rarely use this weapon, which Magda also has). He is nicknamed Skeletor and is called Hitler's ass kisser by the other generals, which he hate so much.

Goebbels Facepalm

Goebbels crying.


  • When he rants, one of the most notable words he shouted was giggety.
  • His name is based off a HE-MAN character antagonist named Skeletor.
  • He rants about being a Dr. Niemals! played by his foes, 3x Lisa Simpson a.k.a. Starlight Rockers.
  • His weapon, Stare of Doom, is rarely used and is often shown that he used this weapon against himself right after Hitler rants, where he ran into a bathroom and look into the mirror, with the subtitle "Skeletor *random stuffs* with his Stare of Doom".