Jodl Rebellion

Jodl leading the rebellion.

The Jodl Rebellion is a separatist/coup d'etat movement established by Alfred Jodl in response to Hitler's plan to eliminate him.

Jodl concluded that he should initiate an all out rebellion to crush Hitler until Hitler decided not to eliminate Jodl. Jodl then meets several Soviet generals, who supplied him with weapons and troops alike in preparation for the rebellion.

As the Jodl Rebellion declared war on Hitler, more and more Wehrmacht troops, as well as Himmler, Fegelein, and Speer began to join the rebellion under the consent that the war will destroy Germany; they concluded that joining the rebellion and guaranteeing Jodl's survival (and of course victory) will save the Reich. Hitler nevertheless, refused to give in to Jodl's demands.

Eventually however, Hitler gives up and lets Jodl to become his objector again.