Inglourious Hitler
Vital Statistics
Title Führer
Gender Male
Hobby Shouting "nein", Watching Downfall parodies, Getting killed at the theater
Foes Downfall Hitler, Hermann Fegelein
Portrayed by Martin Wuttke

Inglourious Hitler is one of the multiple Hitlers in the Hitler Rants Parodies series. He is the Downfall Hitler's main rival among the other Hitlers.

He is the most anti-Semitic of all the Hitlers, as he tends to refer to his enemies and rivals as "Zionist", as he does in Hitler interviews Inglourious Hitler.

Inglourious Hitler was killed by Hitler and Fegelein when he was watching Downfall parodies in the episode Hitler kills Hitler. However, in 2014, prior to the War of the Hitlers, "dark forces" erased some of Hitler's victories, including Inglourious Hitler's death. When the war came to an end, he fled from Berlin, only to be destroyed once and for all by Hitler using his Pencil of Doom.


  • It is ironic that him and Adolf Hitler have a rivalry together because they are the only Hitlers that speak German, they both slam the table when shouting and some of the lines say conflict each other. Eg, Inglorious shouts, "Nein" which means no, and Downfall shouts, "Ja" which means yes.

Hitler laughing.