Hitler throws glitter at Rick Santorum
Hitler throws glitter at Rick Santorum
Hitler throws glitter at Rick Santorum.
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Release date 23 January 2012
Length 01:32
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Hitler plans to throw glitter at Rick Santorum in an attempt to ruin his campaign for Republican nomination to be President. He says that Steiner will drive him to South Carolina where he is greeting his fans. Krebs tells him that he couldent find his map of the United States but he told Steiner where South Caroliner is. Jodl objects, saying that he could be a great President in which Hitler calls him a bigot and says he can only trust Ron Paul.

After successfully attacking him with glitter, Hitler is informed by Gunsche telling him that he has not droped out of the race. He then rants about it and says that Fegelein is helping Santorum.

Reich news HeadlinesEdit

  • Today has been a particular boring day at the Bunker.
  • Fegelein has been spoted orbiting the Earth.
  • Hitler has been farting uncontrollable again.


  • When Krebs said that he couldn't find the map of the United States, there was one right behind him.