Hitler kills Hitler
Hitler kills Hitler
Hitler and Fegelein shoot Inglorious Hitler.
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Release date 10 May 2012
Length 02:40
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Hitler kills Hitler

Hitler kills Hitler

Hitler plans to eliminate Inglourious Hitler because he has been a thorn in his side. Steiner will take Hitler to the thearter where Inglourious Hitler plans to visit. Krebs reccomends that he teams up with Fegelein in this operation as it is more likely to pass with his support. Jodl, objects saying that he could help Hitler instead of Fegelein, but Hitler rejects his objection saying that he would fail with his help.

The next scene shows Inglourious Hitler at the thearter watching Downfall Parodies, but then it shows the scene where he plans to kill Inglourious Hitler. Hitler then causes the Pencil of Doom and Mass Destruction to cause a fire at the theater. Hitler and Fegelein then appear and shoot Inglourious Hitler with MP40 sub machine guns and kill him.

Günsche informs Hitler that he has successfully killed Inglourious Hitler but also told him that Fegelein tried to kill Hitler in the explosion. Hitler rants about Fegelein calling him a traitorous bastard and says that he will regret trying to kill him.