Hitler heckles Tony Blair
Hitler heckles Tony Blair
Hitler calls Blair "a war criminal"
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Release date 30 May 2012
Length 1:50
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Hitler heckles Tony Blair

Hitler heckles Tony Blair

Hitler plans to heckle Tony Blair because he has pissed him off for many years and he wants to call him a War criminal. Steiner will take him to where Blair is being questioned. Jodl insults Krebs by saying that his map is crappy and Hitler tells him to stop, saying that it is not as crappy as him. Jodl objects to the plan because he is a Middle East peace envoy now and then Hitler shouts at him.

Hitler manages to shout at Blair and call him a war criminal but was hels by gaurds before he could get to him.

When he is informed by Günsche, he says that Blair was unaffected by the Heckling and was unable to punch him. He then believes that Blair is working with Fegelein.

Reich News HeadlinesEdit

  • Reichbook's launch ends in total faliure after users complain that they are unable to join, because someone forgot to put an option to join the site.
  • The Hitler council has condemned the murder of Inglourious Hitler by Hitler.
  • Reichvision song contest voting is cancelled after an unknown person tried to vote multiple times with multiple identities in a failed bid to rig the contest.
  • Reich tech reveals that it has created a 1000 core processor, with each core running at 1THZ.