Hitler Rants Parodies: The End?
Hitler Rants Parodies The End
Hitler is on fire.
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Release date 01 April 2011
Length 04:20
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Hitler Rants Parodies The End?

Hitler Rants Parodies The End?

Hitler Rants Parodies: The End? Depicts a possible end to Hitler Rants Parodies. After a long war with the United Hitler Alliance, the Reich is defeated and Hitler along with numerous others, decide to kill themselves.It's believed that this video is telling us things after The Final Conflict. So we can see the end of Parodies.

The video starts with a brief message saying that the Third Reich faces total defeat at the hands of the United Hitler Alliance, Steiner and Wenck have fallen and Fegelein has failed to save the Third Reich. December 21st marks the end of the Third Reich and the Downfall of Downfall Hitler.

The next scene shows Peter Högl attempting to commit suicide with two grenades, which he does successfully and Fegelein getting shot dead.

The next scene takes plane at the Bunker where all is silent, until a large bang is heard. Günsche then checks on Hitler to see if he is okay, but finds out he is dead and tells the others. His funeral then takes place with everyone burning him.

Krebs and Burgdorf then shoot them selfs and Goebbels shoots his wife (All off screen). The rest of the video is a montage for those who survived the War:

Really the end?Edit

On April 4th 2011, Günsche informs Hitler that the series has not ended saying that it was just an April Fools joke. This means that Fegelein is not dead.

It was eventually revealed that the series would end on December 21st 2012, to go along with the date in the video.

İn the article of The Final Conflict you can see these words ."This parody will bring a closure to the Hitler Rants Parodies story and is one of the last videos released before the retirement of Hitler Rants Parodies on 21st December 2012."So it's believed that this is a "Real End" to the HRP Universe.