Bundesarchiv Bild 102-13805, Hermann Göring

The real Göring... 0 % fat.

Hermann Göring
Vital Statistics
Title Reich Marshal
Minister of Aviation
Gender Male
Hobby Sitting, eating, checking the time
Location Führerbunker
Portrayed by Mathias Gnädinger

Hermann Göring is a large man who enjoys sitting, eating almost anything and checking his watch.

In the movie Downfall, he is portrayed by Matthias Gnaediger. His only apperance is in the Hitler plans scene, where he looked at his watch while Hitler drinks some water. He only has a minor role in the movie and has no lines.

In real life, he was the Reich's Field Marshall of the Luftwaffe(German Air Force) during the Second World War. He also fought for Germany in World War 1.

After the defeat of the Third Reich during 1945, Göring was declared a criminal in the Nuremberg Trials and was sentenced to death, but he committed suicide with poison before his sentence was carried out. He was 53 years old.

His most recent task in the parodies was to eat Fegelein. Which he ended up failing to do so. He was also seen dancing half naked in front of Hitler in Hitler encounters half naked Göring, the video was flagged and removed shortly after it was uploaded.

In A day in Hitler’s bunker, it said that he runs the Daily Reich. There was a price of free bread if anyone collected 50 tokens, but Göring had eaten all the bread so Hitler sadly didn't get any bread.

In a possible ending for Hitler Rants Parodies, it is said that he died by eating too much fast food.

He weighs almost 888 pounds, making him the heaviest character in the whole parodies.



Göring talks about Northrop F-5.

  • In Hitler throws book at President Obama, it is said that Göring caused a 4.0 earthquake by tripping and falling over.
  • In Hitler falls down, it said that Göring tried to put Blondi in an oven and possibly tries to eat her. However, he was caught by Hitler.
  • In most of the parodies, the settings for the parodies are mostly 21st centuries. However, the original movie's setting was year 1945. If one keep an eye on his watch, Göring has a modern watch.
  • Two videos that star Göring have been flagged and removed from YouTube, these are Hitler asks Göring "What's the time?" and Hitler encounters half-naked Göring.
  • The voice of Göring speaks and most of his appearances in the parodies were taken from the other movies.