Hermann Fegelein
Thomas Kretschmann with cat
What a sexy pussycat lover.
Vital Statistics
Title SS-Gruppenführer
Gender Male
Hobby Committing Antics
pissing off Hitler
Allies Magda Goebbels
Heinrich Hilmmler
Foes Dr. Niemals/Skeletor
Adolf Hitler
3x Lisa Simpsons(Starlight Rockers)
Location Nicht in der Bunkeranlage
Portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann

Hermann Otto Fegelein is the main antagonist in the parodies. He is Adolf Hitler's brother-in-law and brother to Eva Braun. He is known for pulling antics on the Führer. There have been 1000 attempts to have Fegelein found or killed, which failed as a result. He is somehow bullet proof and is the only person who can't be killed by the Pencil of Doom and Mass Destruction. He can stay alive if he says Heil Hitler right before he dies(In some video, he can stay alive without saying it, or saying "Heil Shitler" or any kind of insults towards Hitler). He is currently hiding somewhere that no one knows where he is. It turns out he is actually hitlerrantsparodies(This was later to be proven wrong). He has claimed to be weak to computers but Hitler has yet to exploit this weakness. Hermann Fegelein is also known to be immortal, and has Chuck Norris-level invincibility. He has also established the Brotherhood of Fegelein organization after being eliminated by Hitler but eventually came back to life.

Believable Death? Edit

Some people believed that Fegelein is able to die, the video Wrath of Hitler Cannon says that he died due to a blast attack that came from Hitler's new weapon. However, for an unknown reason, Fegelein is still able to survive. Hitler once described Fegelein is a person that even a nuke won't be able to destroy him.


Fegelein for president by drunken maus-d5cmm2u

ANTICS Poster.

  • In the whole parody series, Fegelein is the only character with an immortal body, making him immune against any kind of weapons.
    • Ironically, in the video "Reichstation", Fegelein was shown killed by Hitler's Pencil of Doom. However, he was later resurrected without saying "Heil Hitler" before his death.
  • In the Hitler animals' parodies series, Fegelein, as Fegelpussy, has been defeated by Kitler/Dog Hitler twice.
    • These are the time that Hitler only defeated Fegelein with his own skills, being exception from the video "Reichstation", where he defeated Fegelein while playing Metal Gear.

Hermann Fegelein

Fegelein's Instagram photo.