Hans Krebs
Hans Krebs, the fish and map fetish
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Race Illinois Speedway
Hobby Pointing at maps, advising Hitler whenever he's planning, obsessing over fish
Allies Burgdorf, Fish
Foes Skeletor and Jodl
Location The Führerbunker
Portrayed by Rolf Kanies

Hans Krebs is one of Hitler's Highest Ranking Officers. He is known to have a pile of outdated maps, has a crazed addiction for pointing at his maps, and likes to show off his map pointing skills, which annoys everyone else in the bunker... It seems that he has a map of everywhere in the World except for New Berlin. His most used map is the map of Berlin, which Hitler uses in his plans. He apparently discovered the lost city of Atlantis by pointing at his map of Berlin.

He is always seen in the Hitler plans scene where he suggests an improvement for Hitler's plan in which he will sometimes agree to, or just tell Hitler something about fish. He is also seen in the Hitler Phones series in which he corrects Hitler at the end, Hitler will then tell him to piss off. He is also seen drinking and singing with his drunken friend, Burgdorf.

He seems to be very secure of his maps and would get very angry if someone would insult him or his maps. He is also known to care more about his maps and fishes than everything else, as he was dead in the great beyond but said Not all is bad, I can still point at this map of Berlin.

Krebs is also known for having a fish fetish, which he has brought up the topic of fish multiple times during planning sessions. His fish fetish went so far as to end up causing Hitler to plan to buy fish; Jodl objected, and Jodl ended up shouted by Hitler and Krebs(Krebs said that he will unleash his maps unto him if he object to Hitler's plan again).

Trivia Edit

Burgdorf Krebs Sleep

Burgdorf,and Krebs having a break.

  • Among the Reich, Krebs is not the only one with map pointing skills. The others are Hitler, Jodl, and Monhke(As shown in the video Hitler vs Monhke vs Jodl vs Krebs).
  • Krebs has once shouted to Jodl, saying that he will unleash his maps unto him if he tries to ruin Hitler's plan of buying fish. It is unknown that if his maps are actually his weapons.