Felix Steiner
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Hobby Doing whatever Hitler wants
Allies Hitler
Location Unknown

Felix Steiner is often depicted in the original scene. Hitler will then rant about Steiner being unable to follow his orders, he is also mentioned when Jodl tells Hitler the 9th Army of Busse is lost, Hitler beings telling him on his plan and Jodl will ask of what units will be used. Hitler then points to the map and states Steiner will meet up with Busse and fight back against the Soviets. Krebs asks for backup and Hitler gives him Walther Wenck. Jodl tells him the western front will be exposed and Hitler begins doing what he does best.

In the parodies, even though he never appears, he is given ridiculous tasks to help Hitler with simple tasks and drive him to cartain locations. The only time he could not help Hitler was in Hitler plans to find out what 1+1= because he apparently sucks at math.