Hitler Council

The Hitler Council is an organization whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation between the different Hitler’s.

Current members of the Hitler Council include, Adolf Hitler, Bunker Hitler, Downfall Hitler, Inglourious Hitler, Last Days Hitler, Monty Python Hitler, Valkyrie Hitler and War and Remembrance Hitler.


The Soviets are a powerful military faction led by Stalin. Their main objective for the past 12 years has been to defeat Hitler’s Reich after the “Stalin calls Hitler a dumbass rumour” caused Hitler to declare war on Stalin. As of May 18, 2011 the Reich and the Soviets are no longer at war. However during the infamous 'Russian TV Boxing Match'- Russia claimed to have developed and tested their first antic weapon. Fegelein and Himmler expressed shock and horror and Grunsche was surprised.

United Bieber Fever Alliance

The United Bieber Fever Alliance is a powerful faction of Justin Bieber fans who are determined to defeat Hitler after he had Justin Bieber eliminated. The UBFA is defeated by the Reich-Soviet Alliance.

United Hitler Alliance

The United Hitler Alliance is theoretical future faction of every Hitler united against the Downfall Hitler.

Western Alliance/United Alliance

The Western Alliance is a powerful military faction led by Eisenhower. The WA has no involvement with the Reich-Soviet war. Their intentions remain a mystery and they don’t support either the Reich or the Soviets, although for many years Himmler has spoken about his desire to establish a relationship with the Western Alliance with the intention of having the Reich-Western Alliance united against the Soviets Hitler has dismissed Himmler’s idea calling it “An idea that is so stupid I almost kicked Himmler’s arse for even suggesting it”.