Alfred Jodl
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Hobby Objecting
Location Führerbunker
Portrayed by Christian Redl

Alfred Jodl (also known as Shaved/Hairless Ape or Baldy) is known famously for objecting to Hitler's plans in the Hitler plans scene. After this, Hitler would then rant at him and insult his shiny bald head and his endless objecting. He was once fired for his objections but was shortly rehired after the whole bunker went on strike. He is the only person in the Bunker who doesn't have hair, and he did not want Hitler to buy him a wig because he doesn't want people to think that he is in vain. He was one of the people who often angered Hitler and didn't give any Christmas presents to Hitler.

In Hitler Rants Parodies: The End?, it said that after the War, he joined Inglourious Hitler, but was shot by him after he kept on objecting to his plans.

List of objectionsEdit



Hitler's Response

Hitler plans a trip out Advice Hitler to use a GPS saying his planned route sucks. He says he will not take orders from a machine saying that it doesn't know the city like he does.


Gets lost & drives into a river

Hitler plans to troll forums Says that trolling is pointless and a waste of time. He says he wants to be known as the greatest forum troll ever known.


Gets trolled himself.

Hitler interrupts Obama's speech He tells him they wont let him in wearing a John Mcain Halloween mask. Tells him his concerns are unwarranted.


Brushed off by most people.

Hitler plans to upgrade to Windows 7 Tells him that XP is better. He says XP is ancient and is sick of the fisher price interface.


Blue Screen of Death.

Hitler plans hitlerrantsparodies downfall Tells him to give up on blocking hitlerrantsparodies downfall. He says he will not give up and will track him down and get his channel shut down.


HRP is stronger than before.

Hitler plans to buy an Xbox 360 Tells him to buy a PS3 to avoid the RRoD. He says the PS3 will fail because of Blu-Ray.



Hitler plans to buy a PS3 Tells him he cant lie about getting a PS3. He says all the Xbox fanboys will call him a traitor for switching to the "Dark side".
Hitler plans to buy a Wii Tells him he is unfit to play the Wii. He says that if he was unfit, he wouldn't be able to rant and shake his head around him.
Hitler buys the Death Star and accidental destroys Earth Tells him that the superlaser will destroy Earth (Which it did). He says he will get Fegelein to reduce the power of the superlaser.


Destroys Earth, billions dead.

Hitler plans to lose the war Tells him he cant just surrender. He commands him to surrender.
Hitler plans to make a Downfall Parody Asks him why he wants to make one. He says the only way to beat the parody is to conquer it.
Hitler plans to find a way to bypass the blocking filter Says you can bypass the filter by just uploading the audio. He says that is an unsatisfactory solution to the problem.
Hitler plans his victory parade Tells him the parade is absurd as he lost the war. He says the war is not lost and he will have a victory parade.
Hitler plans to run against Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election He plans to vote for Obama. He asks why he doesn't want to vote for him and says he could make him Secretary of state.
Hitler plans to remain the Führer after the war is lost Tells him he must resign if the war is lost. He says he will remain the Führer.
Hitler plans to improve his plans Tells him to have someone better planing than him. He says that is a dumbass idea and tells him to shut up.
Hitler plans to fire Jodl Tells him he will refuse to leave and will commence a strike action. He says that anyone who goes on strike will be fired too.


He was fired, but was later re-hired after the whole Bunker went on strike.

Hitler plans to hire Fegelein Tells him that Fegelein is an idiot who will cause nothing but trouble. He says he will not have him call Fegelein an idiot and he will hire him.
Hitler plans to phone cats Tells him this is pointless. He tells him to stop whining or he will replace him with the cats to advice Hitler.
Hitler plans to rehire Jodl Tells him he shouldn't rehire Krebs as all he does is point at maps. He tells him he has not hired him yet.
Hitler plans to do something very smart Tells him he did an IQ test before and only got about 20. He says the plan is to make him smart and not look like a dumbass.
Hitler plans to plan another plan Tells him to stop with the plans. He tells him to stop whining and says his plan will be the greatest plan of all time.
Hitler plans to win the War Tells him that if the 12th army was to turn around, it would lead to the Weastern front being open. Hew tells him to stop whining and stop making him lose the war.
Hitler plans the pencil of doom and mass destruction Tells him he cant use the POD on Fegelein because he is in the bunker. He says he is not crazy enough to destroy the Bunker.
Hitler plans to buy StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty Asks if he can borrow Hitlers copy. He denies and tells him to get his own copy.
Hitler's Downfall parody purge Tells him to suspend HRP's channel. He says he wants the other channels suspended so they will attack HRP.
Hitler plans to buy Downfall Tells him that he does not need to buy Downfall because their in it. He says they aren't in the movie and he wont make the same mistakes that dumbass Hitler made.
Hitler plans Jodl's search for Fegelein He says he does not want to search for Fegelein. He says that objecting will result him a kick in the ass.
Hitler plans to go to the Moon Tells him the Americans have already been to the Moon. He says the Apollo Moon Landings were fake.
Hitler plans to rant Asks if he can make Hitler rant. He says he doesn't need his help.
Hitler plans to buy Halo Reach Asks him why he is wasting so much money on the Legendary Edition. He says that all the Halo fans will get the Legendary Edition.
Hitler plans to do nothing Tells him that planing to do nothing is doing something. Gets pissed off and confused and tells him to shut up.
Hitler plans to upload this plan to YouTube Tells him this plan sucks donkey balls. He says he will appreciate it if he shuts up.


The video was uploaded.

Hitler interrupts President Obama's speeches Tells him he has done nothing wrong. He says he must be defeated.


  • He is one of three people in the bunker to be fired and rehired, the others are Krebs and Günsche.
  • Jodl's faction, Jodl Rebellion, has once defeat Hitler's Reich, making him the only person(Other than Fegelein) to be the one who can fight against Hitler.