Adolf Hitler (a.k.a Downfall Hitler or Internet Hitler) is the main character of the movie Downfall and in the parodies. In the parodies, he always rants about things that piss him off and the antics that Fegelein pulls on him. He is mostly seen planning random plans which Jodl will always object to, and when he is being informed by Günsche. Nearly every one of his plans has ended in failure, with only a few being successful.

List of plansEdit

In every Hitler plans scene, Hitler is planning for an attack, a search for Fegelein, or simply to buy something useless. Hitler will then involve Steiner and the map of Berlin (Which belongs to Krebs) into his plan. Krebs will then mention fish in Hitler's plan or suggest a way to improve the plan which Hitler will agree to. Then Jodl will object to the plan and then Hitler will shouts at him and insult his bald head. Here are the plans and the results:

Episode Success/Failure Reason
Hitler plans a trip out FAILURE Gets lost & drives into a river.
Hitler plans to troll fourms FAILURE Gets trolled himself.
Hitler plans to upgrade to Windows 7 FAILURE Blue Screen of Death.
Hitler plans hitlerrantsparodies downfall FAILURE HRP is stronger than ever.
Hitler plans to lose the war SUCCESS (Self explanatory).
Hitler plans to buy an Xbox 360 FAILURE RRoD.
Hitler plans to buy a PS3 FAILURE Hated by Xbox fans and possibly YLOD.
Hitler plans to buy a Wii
Hitler plans to remain the Führer after the war is lost FAILURE Fegelein was elected as Fürher.
Hitler plans to run against Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election
Hitler plans his victory parade FAILURE No victory parade for losing the War.
Hitler plans to hire Fegelein FAILURE Fegelein keeps committing antics without stopping at the Fürher.
Hitler plans to phone cats FAILURE All the cats annoyed him.
Hitler plans to fire Jodl SUCCESS/FAILURE He was fired, but was later re-hired after the whole Bunker went on strike.
Hitler plans to rehire Jodl SUCCESS Jodl rehired.
Hitler plans to improve his plans FAILURE His plans still fail.
Hitler plans to plan another plan
Hitler plans to do something very smart FAILURE Gets a score of 10 in the IQ test.
Hitler plans to rant SUCCESS With the help of Jodl.
Hitler plans to go to the Moon FAILURE The Rocket exploded before launch.
Hitler plans Jodl's search for Fegelein FAILURE Jodl failed to find Fegelein.
Hitler plans to buy Downfall FAILURE He didn't need to buy it because he was in Downfall.
Hitler plans to buy Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty
Hitler plans the pencil of doom and mass destruction SUCCESS/FAILURE He can use it on anyone except for Fegelein.
Hitler plans to win the War FAILURE He lost the War.
Hitler plans to buy Halo Reach FAILURE Hitler complains that the game is too hard as everyone in the bunker can beat him. He even got teabag by Fegelein.
Hitler interrupts Obama's speech FAILURE Brushed off by most people.
Hitler interrupts President Obama's speeches FAILURE Instead of embarrassing Obama, it only caused amusement and it may have even boosted his popularity. Which was not the plan.
Hitler calls Dick Cheney a war criminal FAILURE Cheney laughed at being called a War criminal and his fans booed at Hitler.
Hitler throws a pie at Bill Gates FAILURE He was criticized for throwing the pie instead of being commended. He later suffers the Blue Screen of Death(BSoD for short) again.
Hitler attacks President Sarkozy FAILURE Hitler was arrested, given a suspended sentence and will be forced to resign if he attacks another World leader.
Hitler disrupts President Reagan's speech FAILURE Hitler was told to shut up and was humiliated on national television.
Hitler throws his shoes at President Bush FAILURE He missed.
Hitler throws glitter at Rick Santorum FAILURE Santorum was unaffected and carried on in the campaign.
Hitler throws book at President Obama FAILURE He missed. He then finds out that his book throwing skills were decreased by Fegelein.
Hitler throws flour at President Hollande SUCCESS/FAILURE He was able to throw the flour at him. Although he was stopped before he could use it all.
Hitler heckles Tony Blair FAILURE Tony Blair was unaffected by this and Hitler was stopped before he could hit him.
Hitler buys the Death Star and accidental destroys Earth FAILURE Destroys Earth, billions dead.
Hitler uses the Death Star to kill Fegelein FAILURE Fegelein Survived.
Hitler plans to make a Downfall Parody
Hitler plans to find a way to bypass the blocking filter
Hitler's Downfall parody purge
Hitler plans to replace Jodl
Hitler plans to eliminate Jodl FAILURE Jodl Rebellion.
Hitler plans to get Göring to eat Fegelein FAILURE Göring was unable to eat Fegelein.
Hitler kills Hitler SUCCESS/FAILURE He successfully killed Inglourious Hitler but then finds out that Fegelein tried to kill him.
Hitler appears on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" FAILURE He lost on the first question.
Hitler plans to do nothing FAILURE He failed to do nothing as he was still doing something by planing to do nothing.
Hitler plans to upload this plan to YouTube FAILURE The video was uploaded. But no one took it seriously.
Hitler plans to buy the kinect
Hitler plans to buy Call of Duty: Black ops FAILURE Steiner gets killed in the Nazi Zombie mode.
Hitler plans to buy Jodl a wig FAILURE Reich Wigs didn't have any ridiculous wigs available.
Hitler plans to cut the deficit
Hitler plans to buy Christmas presents
Hitler plans to stop planing
Hitler plans to defeat Gaddafi and Gaddafi rants about it
Hitler's fight, win and prevail plan
Hitler's global domination plan FAILURE The plan was cancelled by Mohnke.
Hitler plans to find himself FAILURE Although Hitler was found, the main purpose of this plan was to stop Günsche from informing Hitler, which didn't work.
Hitler plans to send an insulting message to The Bunker Hitler SUCCESS The message was successfully sent.
Hitler plans to run for FIFA president
Hitler has Justin Bieber shot and killed FAILURE Justin Bieber sadly survived.
Hitler plans to point at maps SUCCESS He was given lessons by Krebs.
Hitler plans to ban porn
Hitler plans to sit
Hitler plans to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Hitler plans to get his old voice back
Hitler plans to raise the debt ceiling
Hitler plans his first plan
Hitler plans to tell Jodl to shut up SUCCESS/FAILURE Hitler was able to say shut up, but Jodl refused to do so.
Hitler plans to join the Downfall Parodies Forum
Hitler plans to be the next Steve Jobs
Hitler plans an unobjectionable plan FAILURE Jodl was still able to object to it.
Hitler plans to buy Battlefield 3
Hitler plans a new improved planning a plan
Hitler plans to buy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Hitler plans to polish Jodl's head
Hitler plans to find out what 1+1= FAILURE Outsmarted by Jodl who said the answer was 2.
Hitler plans to invent warp drive
Hitler plans a confusing plan SUCCESS Jodl and Krebs were both confused.
Hitler plans the downfall of the Downfall parodies FAILURE Downfall parodies still going strongly.
Hitler plans his final plan

Hitler plans a brilliant plan

(A day in Hitler’s bunker)

FAILURE It seemed to be going well until Jodl ruined it.
Hitler plans to upgrade to Windows 8 FAILURE He upgraded to Windows 8, and then ranted about it.
Hitler plans to ignore Jodl SUCCESS He successfully ignores Jodl.
Hitler plans to Object to his plan SUCCESS Jodl objected to Hitler objecting which meant that he aproved to the plan.
Hitler plans to host a Downfall Parody convention FAILURE No one showed up.
Hitler updates his firmware FAILURE Hitler's firmware update disaster
Hitler appears on "Wipeout" FAILURE He failed every obstacle and hurt his back. Fegelein stole his painkillers.
Hitler tries to kill Fegelein with his phone FAILURE Fegelein survived.
Hitler plans to block YouTube's ads FAILURE Jodl said that you can use Adblock.
Hitler tries to grab the Olympic torch FAILURE He was stopped by security guards and was arrested.
Hitler plans to participate in the London 2012 Olympic games FAILURE He failed to win a single medal.
Hitler gets Blondi to try and kill Fegelein FAILURE Fegelein survived.
Hitler plans to find out who was plotting to assassinate him
Hitler glitter bombs Mitt Romney SUCCESS/FAILURE He successfully attacked him, but was banned from attending anymore of Romney's rallies.
Hitler plans a Jodl plan FAILURE Jodl's plan was a success.
Hitler plans to run as an independent in the 2012 Presidential Election FAILURE Obama re-elected as President.
Hitler Gangman Style FAILURE The video became very unpopular as everyone complained that it was worst than Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black and people claimed it contained a racist word.
Hitler plans to breath SUCCESS He was able to breath.
Hitler plans to eat SUCCESS/FAILURE He successfully ate his food before Göring was able to eat it and he ignored Jodl's objection. But then he finds out that the food was 5 years out of date.


Much like all the other Hitlers, he is hot-tempered, and is somewhat known to rant about anything that pisses him off. In the parodies, he is known to be a hardcore gamer(Actually he sucks, even get killed from the beginning when playing multiplayer games) and likes War Games, especially Halo Games since he is a massive fan of Halo. He was originally a Xbox fan, because of the Microsoft company screwed up everything in Xbox One, Hitler decided to buy PS4. He was later known to hate the Xbox company, sometimes even make fun of their name, changing it into XBone. He owns a Windows computer. He hate most politicians and always wanted to attack them, but sometimes his attack plan can be ruined by Fegelein because Fegelein reduced his attack skill. He is also known for hating Justin Bieber, whom he attacked before with his Pencil of Doom. He even sent someone to shoot him instantly, but somehow he survived. His favourite food is cabbage and his least favourite food is baked beans. Interestingly, he has an opposite attitude with the other Hitlers, which is he doesn't hate the Jews while the other Hitlers were known for hating the Jews. He even stated that he doesn't has any problems with the Jews in the video of Hitler interviews Inglorious Hitler.


Hitler suffers from Parkinson's disease and has an uncontrollable farting problem. Funny enough, the real Hitler suffered the same disease.

Relations with other charactersEdit

Eva BraunEdit

Eva is Hitler's wife. Though she rarely connects with Hitler in the parodies, her only main appearances is when she asked him for shoes and for him to retire, which he gets annoyed about.


Blondi is Hitler's dog. He is shown to have loving care for her and will get annoyed if anyone insults her.

Hermann FegeleinEdit

Fegelein is Hitler's brother-in-law (after he married Eva). He is always pulling antics on the Führer. Hitler has forced everyone to search for Fegelein and kill him.

Joseph StalinEdit

Stalin is the leader of the Soviet Union during the War and has had a rivalry with Hitler.

Heinrich HimmlerEdit

Himmler was once one of Hitler's most loyal military commanders (losing only to Goebbels) until he found out that he was negotiating with the allies, since then he has hated him. Hitler also orders him to do random tasks; such as unclogging the toilet and giving him a bath. Every time Himmler fails to do his task, Hitler would call him an incompetent bastard.

Joseph GoebbelsEdit

Goebbels is Hitler's most loyal general who is always by him side no matter what Hitler's idea is and he was the only one not to complain about Hitler's uncontrollable farting problem. Although Hitler still calls him by the name Skeletor.

Alfred JodlEdit

Hitler hates Jodl because he keeps on objecting to his plans. He mostly ends up insulting his bald and shiny head. He has even planned to have Jodl fired, replaced and even eliminated.

Otto GünscheEdit

Most of the time, Hitler gets annoyed by Günsche when he keeps informing him of the obvious or the irrelevant.

Other HitlersEdit

Hitler normally gets into arguments with the Other Hitlers about who is the best Hitler, the biggest rivalry is between him and Inglourious Hitler, in which they ended up causing a battle between the two, Hitler then killed him in Hitler kills Hitler.

Famous QuotesEdit

Ja, ja, ja, ja, ja!
Damn it Jodl(Or bald fxxk), how would you object to this plan?
I'm fxxked!
Fight nigga!


  • Even though this Hitler is from the movie Downfall, he often claims that he is the real Hitler, saying that the real Hitler is a fake Hitler. He and the real Hitler are shown to be completely different.
  • In all of the Hitlers, Downfall Hitler is the only Hitler who doesn't has any conflict with the Jews.
  • Downfall Hitler can be shown has a heart of concerning about the world, in the videos Hitler reflects series.
  • He is the only person in all of the United Reich who can't find Berlin.
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